2018 Lakeside Playoff Draws

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    Apologies for the delay, but the draws have now been posted. In addition to the senior Lakeside Playoffs, there is also a playoff for the World Youth Championship. There were some issues regarding a number of participants, but all American (Aaja Jalbert, Buster Graves, Jacob Demers, and Brendan Mills) and Canadian youths are participating.

    10.40am (Group 4) – Debbie Ivey vs Fiona Roberts (NIR)
    10.40am (Group 5) – Melissa Jalbert vs Lous Stockings (ENG)
    11.00am (Group 3) – Sandy Hudson vs Felicia Blay (ENG)
    12.40pm (Group 6) – Stacey Pace vs Line Kristiansen (DEN)
    1.20pm (Group 5) – Lias Ayers vs Sayaka Kameo (JPN)

    10.00am (Group 5) – David Fatum vs Masaki Takahashi (JPN)
    10.00am (Group 10) – Joe Huffman vs Paavo Myller (FIN)
    11.00am (Group 1) – Kevin Luke vs Milan Stefanak (SVK)
    11.00am (Group 2) – Robbie Phillips vs David Triqueneaux (FRA)
    11.00am (Group 4) – Joe Chaney vs Krzysztof Kcuik (POL)
    11.00am (Group 5) – Tom Sawyer vs Dan Read (ENG)
    11.00am (Group 7) – Larry Butler vs Urs Vonrufs (SWI)
    11.99am (Group 11) – Tyler Burnett vs Alfie Stredwick (ENG)

    Leonard Gates has withdrawn from the event

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