128 finish?

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Scatman, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Scatman

    Scatman New Member

    What are your thoughts on finishing 128 (it's a must finish as opponent is on 32) and why? Please don't give me the exact same reasoning pertaining to 122 or 126 etc. as 128 is a completely different animal. :idea:
  2. Tom

    Tom New Member

    18's, if you went for 20's I'd slap you (if you were on my team!)
  3. kyjosa

    kyjosa New Member

    What is wrong with T20, T20 D4? If it is a must then no matter what you do, you need to hit it and wouldn't this be the best odds?

    I am still working on my outs and I know there are many different options out there, but if you hit T18, that leaves 74. Then what? Erik has always taught me to go for the best odds. I go for the miss because I usually do not hit that T20.

    Okay, I finally see the 18 shot. If you hit a single then you have T20 DB left. Ahhhhhhhhh! Well, like I said, I am still learning the outs and trying to see the whole pic! If you miss the first T20 and hit only a single that leaves 108, hit another T20 and you still have 48.

    Okay, if you hit the T18 and leave 74, then what? To get a good double, you have to hit a double.

    Hmmmmmm. I would still go T20s because that is where I shoot all the time. Because I am still so new also, Erik always says that when you are over 110 remaining and when in doubt, go 20s. That is my story and I am stickin' to it!! :lol:

    Darci :?

    I go for the odds of ME hitting it!!!

    Darci :wink:
  4. Scatman

    Scatman New Member

    Tom, why the 18's? Is it the old, "if I miss the triple 18 I still have a finish" answer?
    We might be surprised at what some of our pro's have to say about this check-out. Then again, maybe not.
  5. scottyb1001

    scottyb1001 New Member

    Bull, Bull D14....

    Oh. Not playing soft tip... :) :) :)
  6. OnAndGone

    OnAndGone New Member Staff Member

    I think that is a good reason.

    Of course, T20 leaves 68. then you must decide another T20 D4, or take the 18 DB. If the second is T18, it leaves D7. Not attractive, but a double.
  7. ppv

    ppv New Member

    T18 every time.....reason being, if I hit a S18, it IS possible to finish 110 with 2 darts. If I hit a S20, rather than T20, it is NOT possible to finish 108 in 2 darts.

    Of course, this argument was presented with your opponent sitting on 32. If your opponent is sitting at anything over 170, feel free to do 128 however you feel comfortable doing it. You know you're getting at least 2 chances.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree Pete!

    T18 first dart...

  9. mretome

    mretome New Member

    With 74 left, to get to the best double, you hit a T14 (42) leaves you D16 (32).
  10. Taechon

    Taechon New Member

    LOL, B, D14, B.... Leave the out for the bull. If you miss the D14 on the second dart, you can still leave yourself a B out for your first dart next turn. (Soft tip is nothing at all like steel) :lol:
  11. chunky

    chunky New Member

    The vast majority of top players will take the 18's first, knowing that a single will still leave them the out. However, there is something to be said for shooting the 20 first, the main reason being that it leaves S18, DB.

    Even if you trip the 18 first dart, you do need another triple. Now, mrtome suggested switching to the T14; why? You've just hit a perfectly good T18, so why not stay there? Not only does it minimize the adjustments needed, D10 is a perfectly good double.

    128 and 129 are really the two debatable outs, and it really is personal preference. JP and I went through this a few years ago, trying it both ways. Statistics actually proved that by going for the 20 first, we had more shots at a double, but as I said, even though you are "wasting" the first dart triple on the 18, that cushion of knowing that you still have a shot after a single, is good enough for most players.

  12. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Hmmmmmm indeed; methinks Erik needs a slap! Just because you are new doesn't mean that you should stick on 20's, and Erik should know better. One of the first things he should have taught you is that 119 is 19's first, 122 is 18's first, and 126 is 19's.

    Sorry Darci, while that may sound like a sound philosophy, let's break it down a little. You may not think that that you can hit a big shot that requires two perfect darts. That's fine, but if that's the case, what makes you think that the odds are better knowing that you need THREE perfect darts???

  13. Scatman

    Scatman New Member

    Steve - that's the argument I was anticipating. If the majority of the top players go Triple 18 first dart, that says a lot to me.
    Also interesting that you and John had more shots at a double aiming for the Triple 20 first dart. Thanks for the insight....I'm still torn. :(
  14. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Sorry, no decision to be made... 68 with two darts in your hand (and your opponent is on an out) MUST be 18, DB. If you figure that this is your last shot, don't you think it is wise to at least make sure that you have a dart at a double? Don't force yourself into a triple when you don't need to. Oh, and don't complain about D7, it is bigger than the DB, and if you have just one dart at it, which would be the easier to hit?

    Remember, it doesn't matter how much you love a particular double - if you don't get a shot at it!!!

  15. Smitty180

    Smitty180 New Member

    Steve, that was like 10 years ago by now, ahhh good old BEN articles. You lost some money to JP when working this out...right?

    It's all good Steve
  16. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Yeah, it was interesting. Think about it, though. Although a lot of the time, shooting at the 20 cost us after the first dart, when we hit the triple, it gave us an easy setup for the bull. However, as I just said, whether you hit the triple or not, going for the 18's first means that you MUST hit a triple with your second dart.

    Even so, I'll take the 18's first, but then I'm stubborn...

  17. Scatman

    Scatman New Member

    To be honest, if I'm playing with team-mates I would definitely go Triple 18 - for the sole reason that I don't want to have a 15 minute argument about which way is better. But Sewa members are so insightful I knew there would be some interesting comments. :roll:
    In singles it would be much easier for me to go 20's - should the spirit move me....
  18. chunky

    chunky New Member

    Thanks for reminding me, Jason... :(

  19. kyjosa

    kyjosa New Member

    8O I knew that! Like I said, I am still learning.

    I also finally see the reason behind 18 and Erik WOULD tell me to go that route too!! He is always chattering in my head, and sometimes I get confused!!

    Won't forget this one if I ever leave myself 128.

  20. Smitty180

    Smitty180 New Member

    It's all good my friend, All good!

    Keep 'em flying Steve

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