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Can I just say 'wow'? Seems to fit for me anyway. The new WINMAU Stratos Dual Core soft tip darts arrived today and I have to admit that I am very impressed! WINMAU continues to produce premium darts for the serious dart player and enthusiast alike and these are going to make a real splash on the dart scene if you ask me!

First off, these are bigger than other soft tip darts I've tested and played with. They are, in fact, very much like any standard steel tip dart in size and feel yet only weigh in at 20 grams (the ones I have anyway but they come in 18 also - for electronic/soft darts and heavier weights for steel players). This is a major plus in my book as someone who's tossed steel darts since 1977 and never quite got the feel for the much smaller and lighter soft tip darts. These bridge that gap nicely and could easily be used as a 'conversion' dart for anyone like me playing in both worlds.

[​IMG]The fit and feel of these darts is superb with excellent grip characteristics, very nice balance and a strike in the board that is solid and well placed. I'd call these some very well thought out darts and frankly, am glad to see someone making darts like this!

If you've not taken a look at WINMAU's collection of soft darts lately, I encourage you to do so as they are a real contender in the electronic darts world! Not to mention they've been around a long long time and have tons of experience making great darts.

You won't be disappointed.
Washington State Northern Idaho Moose Association (W.S.N.I.M.A.) district 5 darts shoot happened yesterday the 15th of October, and there were 34 registrants.17 teams in a blind draw, 16 women, 18 men showed up to the Moses Lake Moose lodge, for the district 5 darts tournament.

The draw was mixed meaning the each woman was paired with a man blindly, and 2 men were drawn together.

these tournaments are monthly and they play 301 freeze. 301 freeze means that each person plays 301 in their own spot on a soft tip machine (team 1 plays in the 1 and 4 position and team 2 plays in the 2 and 3 position) and if your partners score is less that the opposing teams scores combined you can take out the game. If you partners score is more than your opponents scores combined you are frozen.

2 flights, one of 9 and one of 8, started to battle it out to see who would triumph. In one flight I drew a lady from Moses Lake, and Iona Parker and Gilbert Torres were drawn together. i thought Iona and Gilbert were going to be unbeatable, and they were until they met my partner and I.

In the playoffs 1st from each flight played off for 1st and 2nd. 2nd from each flight played off for 3rd and 4th. and third from each flight played off for 5th and 6th.

My partner and won but not after a battle with a team from Moses lake, one of which was bound to a wheelchair with a broken finger and 3 vertebrae fused together, what a courageous woman, and man could she throw.

I will have more to write about this and the other moose tournaments later.
Hey all you tri-cities dart players there is a league sign up tonight at Two bits at 8:00p.m. Hope to see you there if you can't make it and you haven't talked to me you need to call me tomorrow.
Last night I shot some soft tips! Heck, I hadn't shot a soft tip dart in league play since about 1989! So imagine how strange it was.A friend of mine needed a sub (for him while he was away training with his reserve unit) and I agreed to do it. That's what friends are for right?

I really wasn't excited about playing 'Nintendo Darts' as I frequently call them, and the idea of putting quarters into a dartboard has never enthused me, but friends are friends so off I went.

Once I was at the location -- new to me -- I settled in and sat quietly for a bit just checking the place out. I was a bit worried that these new folks would not appreciate someone of my caliber playing as a sub, but I hoped it would be ok, and besides, I was really tired from working the evening before (in fact all day and all night) so couldn't focus all that well anyway.

After the other team finished practicing, they had only one board, I asked if I could jump in there. Their reply, quite nicely, was that the visiting team got the board from 6:30 to 7pm so enjoy! It was 6:30.

Now, as a steel tipper who regularly plays in a pub with 6 boards, and where everyone just throws and throws before the beginning of a league or tournament, this was certainly new to me.

Being a rookie, I tossed a buck into the machine, selected 1001, one player and began hitting the board. NO! Not physically 'hitting' the board, but throwing my darts at it. After a couple hat tricks (three in the oversized bulls eye) the other team began to joke about 'getting those out of the way now' and seemed quite at ease. I averaged over 100 points per round in that game of 1001 (according to the machine) and felt I needed at least an hour to get really warmed up!

Once we got started the pace was very, well relaxed might be a good word. We played a team game first which was very 'different' for me! Each team split into two teams of two and then each team of two had 301 points. Essentially, the first team of two to...
The Richland Moose Lodge in West Richland has put up 4 brand new soft tip dart boards and 2 steel tip boards. we also have Blind Draw Tourneys every Wednesday and Saturday. I would love to see some of the steel tip community come out and have fun in a blind draw. I already corrupted one poor soul, and she knows who she is (DeeAnn ah-hum) excuse me. So come on out if you can and at least see the set up, and maybe win a couple bucks, if your up to the challenge. I've put in a lot of work out there and would love for more info or suggestions from all my friends, steel and soft tip players.

good darts,