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George Silberzahn, american Darts legend, author and inventor of the Flight School was right at his 70th birthday available for this exclusive interview, thanks a lot.

George, how long is it that you do play darts?

I first picked up a dart in 1960 after I got home from serving in the US Air Force.

And where did you first come in contact with it?

Local tavern just down the street from my home. Billy Burt's was it name. Gibbstown, New Jersey was the town.

Was it then popular in America?

It was the American style darts game and every tavern had a dart board in it. It was very popular.

And where was it played?

In Taverns, Bars, Saloons and clubs such as the Italian American Club, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Moose Hall.

Did you have your own American dart games or did you more or less play 501 most of the time like they do in England?

There was only one game played in league - "Baseball." It was equal darts, not first one to end wins. The game consisted of nine frames - 1 through 9 -(We called them innings). Each team had five members for each game. There were three games played each night. The ten players alternated turns at each inning. Each team member attempted to score as many points as they could each inning. The total score for each person, and the team, was added up after each inning and after all nine innings the team with the highest score won. How was it organised in America then, did you have a league system of some kind and big national tournaments, where the best American players met? There were no national tournaments and no national organisation. There were many, many leagues and league play was held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The "best" players were decided two ways. One formal, one not so formal. The formal method was by average points per game, which was accurate down to decimal points since everyone played the same number of innings every game. The informal method was decided after and between league play where the "best"...
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When I started playing darts some time ago, around two and a half years ago exactly, I was quite frustrated, that here in Germany you rarely can find a dart shop, till now I didn’t find a single one. Darts are sold in gun-shops or in combined gun and fishing shops, even sometimes in costume and gun-shops. Usually you find a range of darts in a small corner of the shop, often more soft darts then steel darts, usually there’s only one set of darts in a certain design, so you can’t try different weights. When you want darts of a certain weight you might end with a design you don’t like at all, when you want a certain design, the weight might not suit you at all. Beside the darts you’ll find of course some flights and shafts and a few boards, some will sell the board you want, some not.
Nevertheless I always preferred a shop, there is at least the possibility to take a few darts into your hand before buying them and you just can’t buy a dart, only because you think it looks smart or because it somehow goes with your dress.
I found this situation quite frustrating and always thought there would be a big difference in England, I had on mind there would be a dart shop in every town over there.
Well, after my first two summer holidays in England, I returned rather astonished, the situation is not much better there. The difference only was that you have to go to a sports shop in England to buy darts, some have more darts then in Germany, there was quite a good one in Brighton, but some have even less darts and some of them are brass darts and a lot are heavy one’s.
So we decided to a third summer holiday in England even though the weather didn’t look good there this year. But I had got Dave Allen’s World Championship program last year and there a dart shop did advertise, a dart shop in Bournemouth, you can find the link between the links here on SEWA. Bournemouth is quite a big town, so we thought better to stay a little bit away from there in Weymouth, a very popular...
The Patriot Dart League (PDL) was formed for the players. Existing leagues did not put enough effort into providing for the players so we formed our own league. The PDL has been operating in MA since January, 2003.

The PDL is dedicated to providing a venue for playing darts where the matches are easy to get to. Driving distances to matches need to be kept to a minimum.

The PDL will be structured so that - at a minimum - divisions are made up of cities and towns in the same county. Most counties would be further split up in order to optimize driving times. Only during playoffs would teams be playing outside of their county.

The PDL is dedicated to providing recognition for players. The PDL gives out a high percentage of awards to its membership. These awards can be found in the Scoring section of the rules.

Currently there are six awards given for hitting specific combinations of darts each time they are hit, regular season or playoffs:
  • Black Hat – all three darts in the double cork in a Cricket game
  • Hat Trick – all three darts in any combination of single or double corks in a Cricket game
  • Round of 9 – all three darts in the triple ring of three Cricket numbers
  • Ton Eighty – all three darts in the triple ring of the twenty in an '01 game
  • Ton Seventy – one hundred seventy scored for a double in or out in an '01 game
  • White Horse – all three darts in the triple ring of three different untouched Cricket numbers
Two awards are available to be won per division per week:
  • High On - the highest on of at least one hundred points in an '01 game
  • High out – the highest out of at least one hundred points in an '01 game
Eight top ten awards are available per division per season:
  • Total wins — the total number of all wins
  • 601 wins — the total number of 601 wins
  • Cricket wins — the total number of Cricket wins
  • 301 wins — the total number of 301 wins
  • Total % — the winning percentage of all games played...