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More out of fun then anything else, I've included a 'user groups' side to the site. Registered users will be awarded points for things like posting articles, clicking banner adds, reponding in the forums etc etc. The amount of points earned depends on the level of participation on the site. For example a page view is worth 5 points whereas submitting a news article is worth 100!

Excluding me (becuase I run the site and am always here) the list tells you who is the most active user on the site. However, it is restricted to registered users. SO if you don't log in, you won't see it.

Also, certain areas of the site will be open to only those with a certain amount of points (usually 25). This is to encourage people to log in while using the site.

Hey, what the heck, at least you can figure out who the real dart wackos are! hehe

Having started the SEWA Dart Player Rankings, the one thing that becomes very evident is that the most active dart players are the names you will most likely see at the top of the list, right along with the best players. And that's the way it should be! After all, these are the players supporting our sport.It's often tough to develop a 'ranking system' which accurately indicates a persons skill level, but a fair system can at least give a fair representation of the ranked players level of play. Furthermore, as seen at the highest levels, the guy on top is not always the best. (Colin Loyd vs. Phil Taylor) Though perhaps he is a close 2nd.

The fact is, any points system tends to favor the more active shooters and to be honest, I see nothing wrong with that. Provided the best shooters have the opportunity to climb to the top. And in the system they do.

In this ranking system, preference is given to winning singles events. In fact, placing well in a singles event will gain you more points then winning several weekend blind draws! So clearly the emphasis is on singles play. However, in a region that has only 5 or 6 singles events a year, it's a bit tough to rank anyone without some kind of filler. The filler then has to be weekend tournaments (Blind Draws) and the doubles events at bigger tournaments.

So, participation will likely earn you a spot on this list, but that's ok. After all, those supporting the sport should be rewarded as well as anyone else and those capable of winning many events will come through time and time again to earn the most points.

The points break-down is not very complex, but is just complex enough that it's tough to calculate 'off hand' so to speak, but here is an example: This weekend Kevin Luke and Ken Till each earned 20 points for winning a weekend blind draw. There were 13 players and their multiplier was 1.5 each. This means you can multiply the number of entrants by 1.5 and come up with your earned...
After creating the users point system to provide greater access to the most active site users, the following SEWA users are the most active on the site:Biggy -- 2278 Points
OnAndGone -- 595
jimidfish -- 169
RedDodge -- 58
Squotas -- 56
daholiver -- 52
Darci -- 27
Chillym -- 22

Because I run the site I don't rank, but I have gained 4842 points since the system began tracking usage -- that's because of articles which get you the most points.

Just to keep everyone informed, I've started work again, and at the same time am working on a new spreadsheet that will calculate the points for the SEWA Standings.For the standings I've asked both Milton-Freewater and TCDA to submit results from blind draws, singles tournaments and their bigger events so I can provide players in our region with the opportunity to gain points from those also. So, at this point the following events will be included in the standings:

TCDA Blind Draws, Tournaments, Singles events (not handicap)
MFDA Blind Draws, Tournaments, Singles Events
SEWADL Blind Draws, Tournaments, Singles events (not league)
Oregon Open, Portland Open, Jackpot, and ANY OTHER tournament that a SEWA dart player enters and places in and which can be verified (i.e. Camellia Classic, Colorado Open).
ADO Regional Points.

So, if you've played and placed in ANY of the above catagories, pelase send me a note and I will work on awarding your points to you.

I'll also post a new standings order within the next few days, but you will have to bear with me as I nail down the software to make it easier to maintain.

On the 'Much Happening' front, SEWADL has it's Blind Draw at Ice Harbor Brewing coming up! This will be a 'Mixed' Blind Draw and preference will be given to the ladies to ensure that there are enough entered (in other words if 9 women show up after 10 men do, the men will be dropped before ladies are). This event is going to be restricted to 18 players so come early! (June 17th at 7PM) -- There will be NO Dummies. The Pub is pitching in gift certificates (I believe $25ea for 1st and more besides) so come out and enjoy some darts.

TCDA is starting their handicap season! This is a great way to get out and have some fun and test your skill under a handicap system. It's a good system and is run well by the TCDA. It's worth the time folks, so stop by and join them!

More to come, just keep your eyes posted here.
During some recent database maintenance I lost 5 or 6 new users who were waiting for thier activation. Sorry folks! So if you have not received your activation and would like to register on the site, please email me ( and I will activate your account for you.

My appologies to those who were unable to create an account.