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OK, so you've seen the Player Rankings and wonder what it takes to earn those points. Here's the answer:

ANY dart player from the Mid-Columbia region (at this point) can earn points by playing in any of the following events:SEWADL Saturday Blind Draws
ADO Sanctioned Tournaments
ADO Association Qualifiers (for Regional Playoffs)
ADO Regional Playoffs
Non-Sanctioned Tournaments that have a playoff for at least 1st through 4th place (do not have to pay all places but must play off in a 'knock out' format) -- Note: Modified Round Robin events must have the Top 4 advance from each Round Robin sheet to play off for Top 4,8, 16 etc.

Any non-sanctioned event not held by SEWADL must have verifiable results. Example: If you play in a weekend tournament in Yakima the results must be verifiable by the tournament organizers.

Points are awarded depending on the type of event, number of entrants and place achieved.

As soon as the ADA is up and running then ADA events will be included also.

I am seriously considering expanding the ranking system to include all players who participate in events throughout the Northwest however I will be representatives from each area outside of the Mid Columbia to report the points.

More to come!
Is SEWA-DARTS finally starting to show it's size? In the recent issue of Bull's Eye News, there are 6 members of SEWA by my count in that issue.

Erik wrote an article on page 44.
Louie (digger) wrote an article on page 44.
John (jester38) is pictured on page 45.
Dart-stop has a half page ad, also a member on the site.
Timothy Bucci author of "A Quiver of 3 Soft-tip Darts For The New Player." is also a member of SEWA.

If you are also in this latest issue (and I know some of you are) ADO top 50, BEN Pro, PDC, Halex, or any other list, please comment below.

got darts?
For those following the SEWA Dart Player Rankings I've updated the list and posted it so you can check your points. I'm sorry for the long delay but work has had me very busy!

To encourage local players to enter ADO Qualifiers and Singles events I've made a slight change to the way I award points. I've made it so that if there are only 4-5 players entered into a Qualifier or singles event, the 1st place person will receive points at the same rate they would any singles event (1st with 4 entrants gets 24 points). If there are 6-7 then 1st and 2nd receive points and if there are 8 then 1st, 2nd and 3rd-4th all receive points.

This system rewards the most active players who also place in events.

To see where you stand, check out the link in the above in the 'Welcome' section of the site.

Do you have any interesting stories about darts? Do you have questions about strategy, how to play, or do you just have the right strategy that you need to share?If you answered yes to the above questions, why don't you share with the rest of us. Dart players love to hear stories, and believe me we all have some to tell as well. In the forums there are some great people with some great strategies and just an awful lot of knowledge about darts. Please, don't be shy, you could find the answer you've been looking for. All you have to do is click on "Submit News" on the top of this screen and start typing away, or you can go to the forums. I know what you are thinking, "people don't want to hear my story", "I will feel dumb if I ask a question", but the truth is you will not be treated like you are dumb, you will get honest answers from dart players who have been there and done that. We here at SEWA-DARTS believe that if you play darts, YOU ROCK!!! (even if it is soft-tip, haha) SO feel free to share your thoughts, your stories, and your questions, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

When I first came to this site, I just watched the forums and read the stories until I got up the nerve to write something and now I am the most active person on the site, besides Erik who runs the site. I have had questions answered, and met some great people and am going to meet more. My darts game has only gotten better from the strategies I have learned, and I am even getting better at writing, I hope.

got darts?
What are site rankings? It's really just something I did for fun to show registered users who the top site contributors are.

You can earn points by logging into the site, by participating in the forums, writing in your journal, commenting on a story and just about anything else that you can do on the site. However, I would ask that you refrain from hitting 'home' or 'refresh' over and over again (1 point for each view is awarded) becuase it will skew the site statistics and I'd have to change the way I award points!

What's the best way to earn points?

Submitting a news article (hit submit news) will earn you 100 points! While writing a comment in the forums will earn from 15 to 25.

Even clicking a banner ad (25 points) or a weblink (15) will earn you points.

The top ten users on the site are most likely the most active authors, forum users or most contant lurkers!

As for my points? I just haven't figured a way to get rid of them yet! As the admin I rack them up becuase of site edits etc, but I will change that soon and remove myself from the list.