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The German TOPsGUN Crew (http://topsgun.tungstenspirit.de/) developed a new revolutionary Dart Fligth System. Watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iddAtvxjWP4
If you haven't heard the "Darts Around the World" podcasts, well, you're in for a treat .
Three guys from the Northeast put together their interest in travel, darts and humor, producing a talk-radio type format podcast (programming designed for ipods and other digital devises)
Without boring you with my comments, go to


and listen to the old episodes, then join in. Yes, it is a call-in show (soon-to-be live)... So, call in, voice your opinion, promote an event, ***** and moan, even wish someone a happy birthday.
Try it. You'll like it.
L. David
Hello Fellow Darters,

I wanted to share my experience with you all after purchasing a new set of darts made by Target Darts.

The darts are called "Pure Darts" made of one piece billet tungsten.I have been throwing with Laserdarts Golden Eagles fixed point 27g for over 20 years. They are great darts but I thought trying a new set of lighter weight darts might spark a renewed interest and possibly more control due to the lighter weight.

I purchased my new darts from one of the sponsors of this site: ibuydarts.com . I received my new darts a week ago and started throwing with them at my Wed. night league play.

They are 23g with a slim barrel design and a unique groove cut grip which I adapted to easily.

I was splendidly surprised at how well balanced these darts are! I have tried many darts throughout the years from most of the major manufacturers and can say with complete confidence that these are by far the best darts I've ever thrown.

As an "A" level shooter I was having difficulty hitting any higher than a ton witha rare T40. My first night with these darts I shot a T80 & multiple T40's and an uncanny number of double bulls on my diddles! My team captain put me in as many matches as she could and we won the match 12-3 which we haven't done all season.

I'm extremely happy with these darts and recommend them to anyone that is looking for a new set of darts to try. The only downside is that they only come with a 3 month guarantee due to the fact the points are not replaceable. I have no backboard for my practice board and have on several occasions hit the stucco cement wall with no noticeable damage. At the level of play I compete these darts were a bargain at $95.

I'm so happy with these darts that I'll likely buy a 2nd set to have for the misses. Thanks for reading and happy darting.

About five years ago on New Year’s Eve we were having a party with our dart team and dart playing friends, it was a great night of playing various match ups on the one board we had set up at the time and even the kids were involved. At one point in the evening my friend Ken brought out his new Laserdart Black Eagles and suddenly the world changed for my 11 year old son.
Kurtis was really starting to like playing darts and his competitive spirit was starting to show through more and more and when he saw those black barreled darts and heard their name that was all she wrote! He had to have a set - period. He hounded me all night for those darts and I decided to play into his interest a little and see just how serious the kid was so I told him:

“Well son, when you can hit a Ton80 I’ll buy you a set of those.” I think I may have added that he had to do it in a match too because I realized how easy it would be to hit one in practice but doing so in a match is another story – I know, I’m evil *chuckle* but I wasn’t about to go out and buy a set of Black Eagles or any other top dart just because the kid wanted them at this point. Not that I wouldn’t support my kid’s habit, are you kidding me? But any set of darts in that price range has to be special, has to be something that a person really knows they want the best, and knows what style they want. I won’t just but any dart because I think I might like them – well, ok maybe I will but I won’t do it for my kids until I’m sure they are ready for them. I wanted him to actually learn to play a little more seriously first. Then the sky’s the limit!

As the years passed Kurtis received various new sets of darts, flights, shafts, cases, chalkers and everything else you can think of. It wasn’t uncommon to get him a set of one set of darts or give him a set I had but generally they were the usual $40-$50 set of tungsten darts most people start playing with.

Kurt played in the Oregon Open, The Heartbreak Shoot,...
After opening the box of parts which had arrived from Dart-Stop recently, I tossed the instructions aside (who needs those anyway?) and began to assemble their new battery powered light and promptly got lost. I then sort of consulted the instructions and put it together easily enough. It is after all, pretty simple. I then made a guess and installed the light above my board.Ooops.

The light was too low and hung right in the line of fire so I finally consulted the instructions (note to self: read them next time) and noticed they suggested installing the light a LOT higher then I had – go figure. So I drilled new holes in the wall and made plans to fill the old ones with Spackle before the Mrs. Got home.

With the light finally installed I flicked on the mini spots and to my surprise found my board very bright – where they pointed. Hmmmm…..the lights are pretty small so I had to play with them to get the board lit up reasonably well. It’s not like having a big house wired spot like I have in the main room or even close to a Circumluminator (which I also have) but both of those require house wiring/power and this little puppy don’t. (ok all you English editor types I know it’s “doesn’t” but I wanted to make a point so phht to you).

That’s right, for all of you folks out there who the wife has agreed to allow the dartboard on a wall which of course doesn’t have power within several miles of it, Dart-Stop has the answer: a battery powered light that requires just two screws and some batteries (supplied). So the wifes diabolical plans to stop you from practicing while she’s watching American Idol or some other goofy girl show are now foiled by a half dozen double A batteries. You win :)

I have to say the light setup isn’t perfect nor will it work in a bar (not even CraigB’s bar) or for anyone who wants to practice 2-4 hours a day (unless they own a battery...