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This was an impromtu shoot, as the TCDA Executive were having a meeting at Oscars and asked if I wanted to have a singles shoot after the meeting...YOU BET!

Darci and I showed up in the Mini Cooper and immediately began to get some shooting in and get organized. We had just 'needed' to get out anyway, and this was perfect, so there we were!

We had five shooters, Joe Mireless, Connie and Mike Rutz, Myself and Shirley. So we played one sheet of our, now routine, Cricket/501 saturday singles shoot format (seems everyone has goten used to that and enjoys the change up).

Joe Mireless took first in the flight, followed by myself, Mike, Connie, Shirley and Darci. That left Joe to play Connie, and Mike to play me. Having beaten Mike two straight earlier, I though I had a good shot of taking him again, however Mike had different designs and took me out in style with two straight of his own! Gee thanks Mike :p I did however throw the days High of 137 in one of those games, so never actually rolled over for him! *chuckle*

Joe took Connie and then met Mike for the final but Mike was now on form and there was no stopping him! I then played Connie for 3rd and 4th and found it impossible to hit the damn 20s or 19s! So I said screw it and threw Bulls! I hit two back to back tons on the Bull and Connie was about to start throwing darts at ME! Ahhh well.

In the end Mike was the victor, then Joe, myself and Connie. Mike took the High Out with a 119 and I had the high throw with a 137 ( I also threw a Hat Trick (3 double bulls) earlier in Cricket but only need 3 of those bulls -- the last double bull was just 'becuase' -- Sorry Darci! hehe

The mystery out remains a mystery as no one hit the 37 needed to win the $3 pot!

Another great time and lots of shooting!

Seeya next time!
Saturday June 14th

There were 8 participants in the Shootout on June 14th! Thanks for coming out folks!

In bracket 1, I (Erik) was 1st with 6 wins, Mike second with 4 and Connie 3rd with 1 (plus 1 for the tie breaker), Bev was 4th with 1 win.

In Bracket 2, Jan was 1st with 5 wins, Joe Mireless 2nd with 4, Darci Miller 3rd with 2 and Shirley 4th with 1.

For the playoffs everyone advanced (to give more play time) and the final 4 were: Bev vs. Mike, and Joe Mireles vs. myself.

In the finals Mike met me for a best of FIVE to determine the days winner. We decided to go to a best of 5 format to give each player a chance to make their best attempt at winning the day (besides it was early and we wanted to beat up on each other).

The first game, cricket, was mine, but Mike came back to win 501 with a 73 out. Cricket again was mine. But Mike came back with another big 501 win taking an 80 out (in this game I tossed a 180 to no avail). The final was my choice and of course, I chose Cricket. It was a close game, but I prevailed and went home the Victor.

The high score was a 180 shot by BOTH Mike and Myself, and the High Out was an 80 shot by Mike. The mystery out was 25 but no one shot it!

In the end, there were many great scores, it was a great turnout, and the mystery out is still waiting to be won (at $7.00 now). So come on out and join us next time on June 28th!

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Hey All!

Just got my Vox Spirits in today! I LOVE THEM! I met Wade Wilcox at the Oregon Open and he was throwing the Vox Spirits. I wasn't really sure I'd like them, but well, was just wanting something new and slightly lighter then my Bottleson Megathrusts and these sounded pretty cool! (not to mention that I could adjust the weights on them and the movable tip is stronger then all others).

Anyway, after a good 30 minutes of throwing them, I must admit they feel great, have had no bouce outs and I hit at least as many bulls and trips as I would have with any other dart.....EXCEPT, they flew MUCH smoother, and seems to release perfectly almost every time!

We'll see if they really seem to agree with me next Tuesday during the third Handycap shoot as I am shooting 100% now, so usually have to make up 100 to 200 points every game! With these, I think the odds are better then ever!...we'll see though.

Cheers For now.

Just thought I would toss this one out there, in case anyone knew of a place that might have, or put up Steel Tip dart boards.

So far, I've spoken to Dukes Pour House, Two Bits and a Bite, and Dax's Bar and Grill. None of which are ready to install boards, or provide room so I can.

They are under the distinct impression that Dart Players don't drink and therefore aren't worth the bother.

Of course, we could suggest that maybe Dart Players ARE the business they want, after all, with today's laws, maybe we ought to tell them they shuld PROMOTE non drinking customers! :p

Ya Right! Darts players don't drink! That's like saying a dog doesn't run!