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Well, it's not really Golf but Wade Wilcox (previously no. 12 in the USA) calls it that.

The idea is this: You determine how many doubles you can hit consistantly in three darts, then call that Par. In Wade's case it was 1. Therefore, to hit par in any throw, you must hit one double.

Throw ONE dart at each of the lowest doubles on the board. The first throw is obviously 1, 2, and 3. Then if you hit any of them, record that as a 'close' and throw at the next lowest doubles on the board.

Example: I throw 3 darts, one at the double one (a miss), one at the double two (and hit it) and one at the double three (a miss). I shot a par (for me and Wade) and then prepare to shot the 1,3, and 4 next.

So far I have made it all the way to 14, 15 and 16 but missed so often that I fell from 2 under par, to 10 under par and quit for the night. I can tell you however, that this is one of the games I use in my practices to increase my chances of hitting a double out.

Give it a try and let me know how you do!

I finally broke my high of 103 20's in 100 darts (scoring 1 for singles, and 3 for triples) tonight when I shot a 112 with 19% Trips!

Some of you will remember when I posted the results of my tossing 100 darts at each cricket number. I shot 103 20's and then various amounts from 75 to 105 on other numbers but really wanted to break the 103 mark on 20's.

I think part of the key, was my switch to the Vox Spirit darts! I really like the thinner barrels, lighter weight and thumb/index finger placing of the grooves for grip.

I'll try to get the results of my 100 darts at the cricket numbers back up on the site and encourage all of you to give it a try and post your best results.

Las Vegas Desert Classic II

MGM Grand hosting this tournament
July 1st -6th

$150 All event inclusive entry fee for men.

$50 All event inclusive entry fee for women.


Four chances to take on the best players in the world live on TV plus Men''s and Ladies'' Cricket Competitions.

Entry deadline: Friday June 20th 2003

Make check or money order payable to Desert Classic

Send to PDC Limited, c/o Bull''s-Eye Marketing
PO Box 321 Pickerington, OH 43147

Phone 1-800-688-3278

Internet: www.bullseyenews.com (Mastercard or Visa)

More info: www.planetdarts.co.uk

Fox Sports World in the United States will screen the Las Vegas Desert Classic II live from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Resort in a groundbreaking first for PDC darts in North America.

Fox will join Sky Sports and RTL 5 (Holland) in broadcasting the $120,000 event direct from Vegas July 3rd-6th, providing dart fans in the USA with their first chance to savor PDC darts history that a tournament will go out to homes in North America live.

Times: (Pacfic Time Zone)

Thursday, July 3, 2003

1pm-5pm: TV first round x 6 matches
7pm-11pm: TV first round x 6 matches

Friday, July 4, ''03

1pm-5pm: TV first round x 6 matches
7pm-11pm: TV first round x 6 matches

Saturday, July 5, ''03

12 noon-5pm: TV Quarter Finals
7pm-11pm: TV Semi Finals

Sunday, July 6, ''03

12 noon-4pm: TV Finals

(This is an excerpt taken from Bull''sEye News May/June 2003)

Ok folks, I don't think some of you understood my last posting on AOL (or as I like to call it, A-O-HELL), so I will try to make more sence this time:

If you use AOL, I cannot send you emails until they resolve an issue with my hosting company.

Now, if you send me emails, I'll get them, you can send me an email with the login name you would like for this site, and I will set you up with an account. Some of you already have one, and all you need to do is log in using the password PASSWORD

For obvious reasons you need to login and change that password ASAP

Again, if you have AOL, I cannot email you, nor can this site (so you wont get confirmation of account setup) but can send me login and I will set up your account.


PS. Jan, try using password as password
OK, you've probably seen this poll before, but since the site was down etc, I've had to re-add it. The basic idea is to get a feeling from TCDA members on whether or not to change anything in the league.

Many of you may have been at the last meeting and heard my speel on what I thnk we can do to improve the league, if you agree, here is your chance to say so; whereas, if you dissagree, you can also say so :)

So have fun, take the poll and let's play MORE darts!