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Hey Folks

I wont be holding a singles shoot this Saturday (July 26th) as my Son goes home the 30th and wants to go camping before he leaves.

However, I may hold something during the week if there is interest, to prep for Water Follies.

Hey All

I am looking for some content ideas and some graphics for the TCDA website. ANy help would be appreciated.

Tri-Cities-Darts.com has been updated with a schedule for Water Follies and a bit more! Stop by and check it out.

I'll get more done Soon!

Hey! The Water Follies Dart Tournament is just around the corner!!!

The 22nd Annual Water Follies Dart Tournament is
August 1,2,3, 2003
at the Red Lion in Richland, Washington

Look for details on the Tri-Cities-Darts.com website soon! And I'll post some info here also!

For those that haven't met me, or don't know who I am (and are actually interested) I began throwing darts in 1976 in Ocean Falls British Columbia (edit: Mom corrected me as I was thinking it was '77 but she tells me it was actually 1976). My Father was the president of the local dart league (there was only one Pub and our zip code was VOT 1P0 -- which we said stood for 'Very Odd Town, One Pub Only'). Everyone in town seemed to play darts and I played in a youth group dart league with about 30 other kids.As the years passed, I played at home, or later in the pub for fun or for money ($1 a game, I wouldn't play for more), but after I joined the Marine Corps in 1986 and moved to North Carolina, I began to hear rumors of a Marine Corps tournament so I rounded up 5 fellow Marines and we entered the contest. The top five teams would advance to the Fleet Marine Force Atlantic Dart Tournament and we made it! (Actually there were only five teams and we ended up fifth so went by default!)..

At the 'Fleet Marine Force Atlantic' dart tournament, we were all pretty well trounced, but I did manage to make a fairly good showing, and something happened, my taste for competition in darts became insatiable!

Soon I was in a very competitive league (this was now 1988) and practiced hours upon hours every day. I wanted to play in the 'Lucky Lite Strikes' tournaments held all around the country, with the ultimate goal of playing in the Las Vegas $50,000 open. However, war (Desert Storm), life, and work all set me back and I eventually found myself back in British Columbia playing darts again but not entering (or even near) any major tournaments.

Then in 1992 I played in the BC Regional tournament against some 350+ dart shooters and managed a very respectable finish in the top 32. At this time I was hitting as many as 5 T80's in an evening (or day) between practice and games. But that wasn't enough as the top players were super consistent, and generally could take their...