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Some of you have heard me talk about Wade Wilcox's 'Golf' practice game. Here is what it is, how it works and my current score:

Throw three darts at the lowest three doubles on the board, one dart per double (i.e. 1 darts at the Double 1, 1 at the D2 and 1 at the d3). If you hit 1 double out of the three you are 'par' for that shot. If you miss all three you are 1 over par, and if you hit 2 out of three you are 1 under par, etc..

If you hit the double one, then it is considered closed and you move to the next three lowest doubles. (i.e. 2,3.4) If you hit only the double 3, then you would shoot at the d1,d2,d4 and so on until ALL doubles on the board have been hit once.

At first this is a frustrating and tough way to practice, but it will pay off in the end!

My current first run through the game is 21 over par by the time ALL doubles were closed EXCEPT the Bulls Eye, and 30 over par including the Bulls Eye!

Give it a try and let me know what you shoot.

Milton Freewater Darting History!


For those interested, stop by and read this excellent account of darts in Milton Freewater. They have a few tournaments a year and I hope to shoot some of those soon.

In the mean time, this is a great read about darts in the SE Washington Area.

I decided to post the 180's and other interesting High Stats for the Saturday Singles so far, since the TCDA Spring League season is over and those stats are also out there! :)

These are the recorded stats for 5 weeks of Singles. I believe I am missing the first two weeks and will check my emails to Jan for those stats shortly...

Top shooter overall was Erik with 31 T's and above and one Hat Trick! Followed closely by Mike Rutz with 26 plus a T19 out!

Top Singles winner was Erik with 3 wins over Mike Rutz with 2.

Ton 80's:
Mike Rutz -- 2
Glenda S. -- 1
Erik McVay -- 1

Ton 60's
Joe Mireles -- 1

T41 - T59's
Joe Mireles -- 1
Mike Rutz -- 1

Ton 40's
Mike Rutz -- 5
Erik McVay -- 3
Joe Mireles -- 2

Ton 01 - T39's
Erik McVay -- 8
Mike Rutz -- 7
Joe Mireles -- 3

Erik McVay -- 19
Mike Rutz -- 11
Joe Mireles -- 7

Hat Tricks (3 Double Bulls)
Erik McVay --1

Connie Rutz shot 4 T's and above
Darci Miller shot 3 T's and above
Shirley shot 2 T's and above
Bill shot 2 T25's
Jan shot a T21

These scores are fairly representative of the Saturday Singles shootouts however I've missplaced a couple weeks of scores and will try to add those soon!

Great shooting all!!!
Hey All!

Previously I posted a section on throwing 100 darts at each cricket number to sort of 'rate' yourself. During that time I tossed 100 darts at the Bullseye and shot about 42 bulls. Well recently I was asked to do it again and this time hit 47! With 11% Doubles.

So toss your darts and lets start to record those numbers again!

Hey Darters!

I am working on starting a new Steel Tip Singles/Doubles League for the Tri Cities for the Fall, winter season.

I intend it to be independent of the TCDA, ADO affiliated, and very fun and competitive! Check out the Forum to add your feedback and join the discussion.